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AnyMaxi: Automatic Text Count and Invoicing Software / Program for Counting of Text and Invoice Creation

Text Count and Invoicing Software / Program for Counting of Text and Invoice Creation

Word, Line, Page and Character Count Software Word, Line, Page and Character Count Software doc wordcount, Microsoft Word files wordcount rtf wordcount, Microsoft Word files wordcount xls wordcount, Microsoft Excel files wordcount csv wordcount, Microsoft Excel files wordcount ppt wordcount, Microsoft PowerPoint files wordcount pdf wordcount, Adobe Acrobat files wordcount htm, html wordcount, Microsoft Internet Explorer files wordcount txt wordcount, Microsoft NotePad files wordcount Word, Line, Page and Character Count Software
Word Count, Character Count, and Line Count Software
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We would like to thank translators, freelance translators, project managers, and translation agency owners for their valuable input during development of products by AIT Software Development Team.

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Alain Fluet Canada Canada translators Levent Yildizgoren United Kingdom English translators
Aleksander Vasiljevic Serbia Serbia translators Leo te Braake Netherlands Netherlands translators
Alessandra Muzzi Italy Italy translators Lynda Lajeunesse USA USA translators
Alex R.Vargas USA USA translators Marco Vrieling Netherlands Netherlands translators
Amanda Grey France France translators Martin Cleaver Netherlands Netherlands translators
Andrius Katilius Greece Greece translators Michael Benis United Kingdom English translators
Antti Veranen Netherlands Netherlands translators Michela Spoladore Italy Italy translators
Armin Mutscheller Germany Germany translators Mohamed Zeid Egypt Egypttranslators
Benoit Dael Belgium Belgium translators Nathalie Grace USA USA translators
Carine Curley USA Usa translators Nathalie Marlier Seigneuret France France translators
Catherine Guilliaumet France France translators Nuno Miranda Portugal Portugal translators
Colin Middleton Netherlands Netherlands translators Pawel Wawrzyszko Poland Poland translators
Constantina Yiokari Greece Greece translators Peter Erfurt Denmark Denmark translators
Deborah Shannon United Kingdom English translators Peter Racher United Kingdom English translators
Enrique Gonzalez Belgium Belgium translators Peter Thomson Netherlands Nethrelands translators
Erika Pavelka Canada Canada translators Radian Yazynin Russian Federation Russia translators
Evdoxia Renta Greece Greece translators Radovan Pletka Czech Republic Czech Republic translators
Francesco Pugliano Italy Italy translators Ricardo Martinez Spain Spain translators
Garry Guan USA USA translators Riccardo Olivi Italy Italy translators
Gary Daine Spain Spain translators Roald Toskedal Norway Norway translators
Gilbert Liotard USA USA translators Ruben Berrozpe Spain Spain translators
Graciela Carlyle United Kingdom English translators Sabine Cretella Italy Italy translators
Ivana Bjelac Croatia Croatia translators Sandra Alboum USA USA translators
Iveta Pecinkova Czech Republic Czech Republic translators Scott Li Hong Kong Chinese translators
Iwan Davies United Kingdom English translators Sergei Mouraviev Germany Germany translators
Jana Christina Uhlik Belize Belize translators Sonja Tomaskovic Germany Germany translators
Jennifer Brinckmann Mexico Mexico translators Stefano Oriola Spain Spain translators
Jeses Robla Spain Spain translators Sylvie Malich Germany Germany translators
Jim Walker USA USA translators Therese Cornets de Groot-Lorenz
Josh Dillon Netherlands Netherlands translators Tibor Kornyei Hungary Hungary translators
Juhani Reiman Finland Finland translators Viktor Nikolaev Russian Federation Russia translators
Kevin Lossner Germany Germany translators Vladimir Pochinov Russian Federation Russia translators
Klaus Herrmann Germany Germany translators Zachary Sapozhnin USA USA translators

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact AIT Software Development Team at AnyCount Support Section. We will answer all e-mail tickets as soon as possible, usually within 12-24 hours.


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